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  • Aberjona Press
  • After the Battle
  • AFV Publishing
  • Air Power Editions
  • AJ Press
  • Andrea Press
  • Ampersand Publishing
  • Arndt-Verlag Publishing
  • Bender Publishing
  • Casemate Publications
  • Classic Publications
  • Cowdry & Cowdry Publishing
  • Eagle Editions
  • Echo Point Books
  • Editions Heimdal
  • Fedorowicz Publishing
  • Helion Publishing
  • Histoire & Collections
  • Historical Archive Press
  • Kagero Publishing
  • Luftfahrt Verlag
  • Military Mode Ltd.
  • Model Graphix
  • Monogram Publishing
  • Osprey Publishing
  • Panzerwrecks
  • Portrayal Press
  • Propaganda Gun Books
  • Random House
  • Ryton Publications
  • RZM Publications
  • Schiffer Publishing
  • Stackpole Publishing
  • Tankograd Publications
  • Ulric Publishing
  • Waldemar Trojca Publishing

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