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The Desperate Days

Format: 4:9 Standard Size
Sound: Digital Mono
Running Time: 46 mins.
Language(s): German narration with English subtitles
DVD Format: NTSC
Region: Region 0: Plays in every region
Discs: One
Studio:  RZM Home Video
ISBN:  978-0-9748389-5-3

Item No. RZM HV-003 Price: $24.95

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With Nazi Germany in its death throes, the civilian population looked to the weekly newsreels for some sign of hope that all was not lost. The German propagandists responded with exhilarating film reports of successful counter attacks and new weapons to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Part 1: Newsreel No. 747 Released in Theaters: January 4, 1945
Germany: Hitler Jugend members ski down a slope with torches and "HJ" flags in a dramatic nighttime winter solstice ceremony. Over Hungary, Stukas armed with 37mm cannons lay waste to countless Russian T-34 and Stalin tanks. On the Western Front the Ardennes offensive is opened with a 1,000 gun artillery bombardment, swarms of American GI's surrender. W-SS and Fallshirmjägers, Panther and Stug 40's surge past wrecked American equipment.

Part 2: Newsreel: No. 748 Released in Theaters: January 11, 1945
Germany: Official Volksgrenadier swearing-in ceremony, oaths are taken and weapons are handed out. Volkssturm units are formed and equipped with new uniforms and panzerfausts. More scenes from the Battle of the Bulge showing the Germans advancing over a shattered foe. Luftwaffe fighter planes launch massive raids against Allied airfields: stunning gun camera footage of B-17s being torn to flaming shreds.

PART 3: Newsreel No. 752 Released in Theaters: February 17, 1945
Germany: In the Strassburg area, white clad Fallschirmjäger anti-tank units destroy numerous Sherman tanks. Panther tanks advance in the East as FW-190s take to the skies to attack Soviet positions on the Oder. SS Fallshirmjägers blast Russian armor to a stand still.

PART 4: Newsreel No. 753 Released in Theaters: March 5, 1945
Eastern Front: Stuka ace Oberst Hans Rudel is interviewed in an SS field hospital after being shot down and seriously injured. Scenes of wounded Army and W-SS troops retreating in Hungary. Russian war atrocities against German civilians. Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels visits the front on the Oder River.

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