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Item No. BP-061
Uniforms, Organization & History of the German Police Vol.1

This title is now out of print.

The police played a vital role in the Third Reich, yet are a fascinating and complex subject that has inexplicably been ignored. This first volume of a multi-volume series on the subject changes all that. The combined talents of two leading experts in the field have created the ultimate reference. This history of the German police traces back to the mid-15th Century with particular attention given to the Weimar and Third Reich periods. You will now understand the police mind-set, organization and development, plus the evolution of uniforms in Nazi Germany. This first volume contains details of the essential June 1936 dress regulations. A day-to-day chronology of the part played by the police in the Third Reich is also given. All this is contained in 704 fact-packed pages. And all this encyclopedic coverage is found in just the first volume of the long awaited series! At least two other fully illustrated volumes will follow, covering analytically and in great detail all aspects and branches of the police in Nazi Germany and her collaborationist allies, to include uniforms, insignia, flags, edged weapons and all other paraphernalia.

Hard cover, 6" x 9",704 pages,720 photos, illustrations, deluxe binding

Price: $62.95

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