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AFV Photo Album Vol.2

Author:  Marek Solar, Petr Dolezal & Vladimir Kos
Language: English text
Format:  Hardcover, 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  176
Photos:  200 plus wartime photos and 12 color profiles
Publisher: Canfora Publishing
ISBN:  9789198232523

Item No. CAN-2523 Price: $49.99

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AFV Photo Album Vol.2 sees authors Marek Solar, Petr Dolezal and Vladimir Kos continue the journey through Czechoslovakia, where a large number of vehicles were knocked out, blown-up or just left behind by retreating German forces during the final weeks of World War 2. Among them were also vast amounts of Red Army machines, knocked out in the tank battles that raged along the retreat route. Few historians and modellers know the full facts about the units and their hardware, which were involved in the final battles of the war. Many of the places covered in Volume 1 are revisited, revealing new facts and in many cases unpublished photos to illustrate the journey, accompanied by highly detailed captions.

The book will take a closer look at what happened to the vehicles after the war when they were systematically collected and transported to the melting plants. King Tigers, Panthers, Pz.IVs, StuGs. Hetzers, SPWs, T-34s and IS-2s were among them, as well as more rarely seen vehicles such as Möbelwagens, Marders and Panzer IV L/70(A)s. A few of the surviving vehicles that went on to serve in the post-war period.

This work is aimed at the modeller and historian alike and although mainly a photographic examination, detailed accounts of the units’ strength, and details about vehicle production variants are also included. Modellers will also benefit from the highly realistic colour profiles, printed in large format.

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