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Item No. CG-4456
The Browning Machine Gun
Volume 3:

Supporting the Rifle Caliber Brownings

By Dolf L Goldsmith

This is the third volume in author Dolf Goldsmith's monumental series on the Browning machine gun. Volume I, subtitled Rifle Caliber Brownings in U.S. Service, published in 2005, covers the invention, development and manufacturing history of all models of rifle caliber Brownings in the United States, and their use by U.S. forces in two World Wars and Korea. Volume II, Rifle Caliber Brownings Abroad, published in 2006, covers the offshore production and use of rifle caliber Brownings in 35 other countries.

However, the gun itself was only a part of the total picture, as a great deal of auxiliary equipment was needed to keep it in action. The development work that went into these many accessories and ancillaries, here meticulously researched by a well-known machine gun collector, lifelong shooter and ex-U.S. Army armorer, is as interesting as that of the gun, and in some cases even more so, yet up to now it has scarcely been documented anywhere, except for basic descriptions found in military manuals.

Volume III contains in-depth coverage on component nomenclature and theory of operation; ground, vehicle and aircraft mounts; sights and sighting equipment; flash hiders; ammunition; ammunition boxes, belts and links; belt filling machines and link loaders; cooling equipment; transport equipment; canvas accessories; training devices (including .22 caliber guns and conversion kits); tools and gauges; caliber conversions; manuals, handbooks and other instructions.

Hard cover, 8.5" x 11", 488 pages, 766 illustrations.

Price: $79.95

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