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Ostfront Panzers 1:
Last Year of War

Author:  Victor Ukhov, Alexander Tomzov, Alexey Nechaev & Sergey MalinaPieri
Language: English text
Format:  Soft cover, size 8.5" x 11", landscape format
Pages:  96 pages
Photos:  130 b+w wartime photos
Maps: none
Publisher: KV Publishing
ISBN:  978-8269011003

Item No. KV-1003 Price: $32.95

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"Ostfront Panzers 1" is the first in a series of photo books about German armoured vehicles of World War II.

The "Last year of War" contains photographs of AFVs in the service of the Wehrmacht and SS taken in 1945. The authors have tried to find as much information as possible about the vehicles surveyed so that the book was interesting both from a historical point of view and engineering. Here you will find more than 100 photos describing the design of vehicles and information about their belonging to German units. A useful addition are the colour artworks of vehicles and their tactical symbols.

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