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SCH: Item No. SCH-H1764: 9"x12", 308 pages, hard cover with full-color dust jacket, $75.00

Pat Moran & Jon Maguire

This two volume set by Pat Moran and Jon Maguire illustrates, in full color, over 260 visor hats and helmets of the German: Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, SS NSDAP, Police, Civillian and Miscellaneous formations. Each peaked hat is shown from four angles, including interior, insignia detail.

The uniforms of the German forces of World War II are considered the most elaborate of any military force of the period. In particular, the visor hats worn by German troops are the most striking. Each branch of military service had its own color of piping, or "waffenfarbe," which gave it a unique identity. In addition to the military forces, civil and political officials also had distictive uniforms and headgear. The tremendous varitaiton in the uniforms of the Third Reich, coupled with the high quality if manufacture, has made these uniforms highly sought after by collectors today.

Pat Moran has been avidly collecting and preserving German hats for over thirty-five years. Jon Maguire is better known as an author on USAAF subjects, but he has also studied and restored hundreds of German hats.
These volumes are detailed sources for collectors of German headgear and militaria, as well as modelers and students of military uniforms.

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