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MMiR No. 27

Come and get it!

Paper Panzers
A sneak preview of upcoming attractions in teh Panzer Tracts series.

Scissors, please
The big 'ol MT-55 Bridging vehicle.

Have Guns, Will Travel
Hey look! It's the new AFV Club Gun Truck.

The Big, the Bad, and the Fugly
It's got a face only a mother could love; the Commander M103 heavy tank.

COVER: Horch and Carriage
We take a real close look at the Italeri Horch and the Tamiya Field Kitchen.

Ballistic Polecat
Accurate Armour's weird (but cool) little Ferret.

Godzilla Beware!
We mix and match all the cool parts from Tamiya's Type 90 MBT kits.

Be Dee-Dee
Tamiya's old T-62 kit gets a new life as a T-62 BDD in Afganistan.

Yeah Baby!
Austin Power to the max! Sovereign 2000's new Austin K5 Truck.

Japanese Tanks, Part 2: Little Jewel
The Type 89 tank, a gorgeous bit of multi-media fun from Gumka.

Could it be... Satan!
That's right, its the new M3 Satan Flame tank from Harper Castings.

8 1/2" x 11, 80 Pages, $9.95

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