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The Devil's General

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"4 Stars - Highest Rating" - N.Y. Daily News

A terrific suspense thriller based on the life of Ernst Udet, the highest scoring German ace (62 confirmed kills) to survive the first World War. Udet was awarded the Pour le Merite, the coveted "Blue Max" and was made inspector-general of the Luftwaffe under Hermann Goering. He killed himself in November 1941 in horror over the decadence and incompetence of the Nazi military leadership General Harras (Udet) is played by the brilliant actor Curt Juergens (star of "The Enemy Below," "The Battle of Britain," and "The Longest Day"). Curiously, Juergens was steadily improving in his craft during WWII, when Dr. Goebbels had him deported to a concentration camp for political unreliables in Hungary. Marianne Koch (the Star of Africa) and Bum Krueger also star. Harras, a talented Luftwaffe designer, has the technical expertise to develop newer and deadlier fighters and bombers. As inspector-general, he must determine why his newly designed bomber keeps crashing. His standing with the Nazi leadership is shaken when they begin to wonder whether the loss of aircraft is due to poor design or ... could it be sabotage? Harras is a man of his time, yet a man of honor in a dishonorable Vaterland which he describes as v for "viciousness, assassin, terror, evil, racial prejudice, liquidate, Auschwitz, Nuremberg and Dachau!"

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  • (1958) Black and White, DVD-Video
  • 2 Versions - English Dubbed, English Subtitles
  • All Regions
  • 92 minutes