The Sieges of the &

The Sieges of the '45

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The Sieges of the '45

Siege Warfare during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-1746

Author:Jonathan D. Oates
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Photos:22 b/w & 13 color illustrations, 11 b/w maps, 3 tables
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There were more sieges than there were battles during the Jacobite campaign in Scotland and England in 1745-1746, yet no one work has concentrated on these episodes. Siege warfare was more common than set piece battles in Europe at this time and the ‘45 was no exception. There were two sieges of both Ruthven Barracks and of Carlisle, whilst the castles at Edinburgh, Blair Atholl, and Stirling were also besieged, as were the more recently-built Forts Augustus, George, and William.The government, noting the threat passed by some of the Highland clans and their allies, built a number of new forts in the Highlands from 1690 and especially after 1716 in order to contain this danger. In theory the Jacobites, with their lack of heavy artillery (save at Stirling) should have been unable to take any of these old or new garrisoned fortresses. Yet in several cases they were able to do so and the results of these sieges was never guaranteed. Conversely the British Army was forced to undertake its last siege against a fortress on British soil.This book examines the eight places which were under siege in 1745-1746, examining the history and strength of the fortress or walled town, its garrison and the strength of the attackers, along with the artillery employed by both sides. It narrates each siege, using manuscript and published contemporary sources in order to do so.