RZM.com is Under Construction!

After 20 years of service the old RZM website has served us well. However the time had come to retire the site and upgrade to a new modern commerce site with all the features you’re used to elsewhere when it comes to browsing and making a purchase.

Going forward we will be  taking the company in a new direction.  We will only specialize in carrying a handful of lines from military publishers who we have been with for many years. Publishers like After The Battle, JJ Fedorowicz, Nuts & Bolts, Schiffer, Bender, and Panzerwrecks. We will of course carry other select books which are hard to get and need to be imported from overseas. And we will also offer exclusives on new forth coming titles which cater to the intermediate and expert level military enthusiast.

Stay tuned as we will be back soon and ready to supply you with the best military reference books on World War II and more.


Remy Spezzano