AXIS WINGS:  Volume 1
AXIS WINGS:  Volume 1
AXIS WINGS:  Volume 1
AXIS WINGS:  Volume 1
AXIS WINGS:  Volume 1
AXIS WINGS:  Volume 1

AXIS WINGS: Volume 1

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AXIS WINGS: Volume 1

The Luftwaffe and co-belligerent air forces compendium

Language:English Text
Format:Soft cover, perfect bound
Dimensions:9" x 12"
Pages:196 Pages
Photos:b+w photographs from private collections, specially commissioned artwork
Publisher:Chandos Publications
Item No. CHP-6556

AXIS WINGS is the first volume in a new compendium series relating to the Luftwaffe and co-belligerent air forces. Drawing on the talents of many well known names in the Luftwaffe research and writing community, each issue will be packed with stories, photographs and artwork. 

There are many fascinating pieces of information on the Axis air forces that are still unpublished, and are too short for a regular book but also too important to sit on a forgotten computer hard drive. 

AXIS WINGS aims to make these stories known, accompanied by specially commissioned artwork, and photographs from private collections.

Volume 1 Table of Contents:

A Bad Start for the X.Fliegerkorps in the Mediterranean 
Alexander Steenbeck

Karl-Hermann Lion: The career of a successful Stuka pilot: Part One
Tim Oliver

Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland – Nachtjagdstaffel Norwegen – 4./NJG 3
Sven Carlsen

Fledglings of the Third Reich: The National Socialist Flyers Corps
Dr. Victoria Taylor

Focke-Wulf Fw 187: The failed record attempt 
Dietmar Hermann

Craftsmen of Death: What was it like to be a Luftwaffe aviator?
What the veterans said…
Christer Bergström

A Convoluted History – The Junkers W 34 in Spain
Juan Carlos Salgado Rodriguez

Sonderstaffel Einhorn and III./KG 200: from Self-sacrifice to Surrender 
Nick Beale

Attack on the HMT Rhona – An eyewitness account 
Chris Goss

Back to Basics: Reconverting the DornierKauz night fighter 
Mikael Olrog

German Aircraft 1919-1932: An A-Z of the Aircraft Manufacturers – Part One 
J.Richard Smith

Behind the Book: ‘Bodenplatte’ – An interview with John Manrho 
Photo Album 

Luftwaffe Library and Bulletin Board
Alexander Steenbeck