RZM Imports Inc., established in 1992, is known around the world by military enthusiasts as the source for high quality history books, magazines and videos on World War II. Our vast selection covers a wide range of topics on both Allied and Axis arms, equipment, unit histories and battle descriptions. Every year around the world military book publishers release new titles and RZM takes great care to select books which cater to intermediate and expert level enthusiasts. Founded on value, prompt delivery, friendly and highly personalized service, RZM is dedicated to offering you the specialized publications you simply cannot find at large book store chains.



President of RZM, Remy Spezzano, has turned his childhood interest and passion for World War II history into a thriving and continually expanding business.

Remy first developed his entrepreneurial vision during his time serving in the U.S. Army where he was stationed in Belgium and worked at NATO Headquarters from 1983-85. Already a WWII enthusiast and collector, Remy met other local military collectors and WWII enthusiasts and over time developed working relationships that continued even after his discharge from military service. Once back in the States, it was not long until Remy was importing books from Europe's top military publishers.

Once he established his business in the hobby trade, Remy discovered there was a strong demand for quality reference books on World War II, but a lack of distributors to deliver the goods to both specialty book sellers and mail order customers. It became his goal to create a well stocked and highly consumer-oriented mail order company catering to military enthusiasts, modelers, collectors, and also re-enactors. Now with over 30 years experience in the business, RZM Imports is world renowned for its expertise, exceptional selection and excellent service!