The "Panzer Tracts” series is a collection of technical reference works on the design, construction, and development of German World War II era tanks and armored fighting vehicles. The information contained in each volume has been meticulously researched over four decades by the authors and their associates, and the authors' mentor Walter J. Spielberger. The majority of the information contained in each book has been sourced from what survives of primary documents. In many cases it was gleaned from the archives of the original designers, manufacturers, and military planners. In others it was taken from evaluation reports made after post-war tests and observations made by the Allies' on captured vehicles. 

    This original source data has been compiled and studied. Knowledge gaps have been filled-in with painstaking observations and measurements made on surviving vehicles of the era found in museums, private collections, public displays, and scrap heaps. The results of this considerable effort and dedication to purpose are a one-of-a-kind compendium of detail and minutiae describing WWII German armor. The Panzer Tracts represent a treasure trove of hard data for English speaking historians, tank enthusiasts, and model makers seeking accurate historical details.

    The Panzer Tracts are published in numbered volumes that correspond with the original numerical series designation of the model of the panzer that the volume describes. Panzer Tracts No.1-1 and No.1-2 are a two volume set dealing with the Panzer-I and its variants. Panzer Tracts No.5-1 through 5-4 are a 4 volume set dealing with the Panzer-V or Panther tank and related models in its development.

    The creators, authors, and illustrators of the Panzer Tracts series are:

    • Thomas L. Jentz, 66, of Germantown, Maryland, who passed away on December 29, 2012. He was a widely acclaimed, world leading authority and technical expert on the design, construction, and development of Germany's WWII era armored vehicles, on which he authored 93 books. He self published the Panzer Tracts.

    • Hilary L. Doyle was born in 1943 and lives in Dublin, Ireland. He has written numerous books on armored fighting vehicles. He is perhaps best known for his carefully crafted and detailed illustrations, which are found in his own and other author's books. His scale drawings of panzers and panzer parts are thoroughly researched, exacting in their detail, and a signature feature of the Panzer Tracts.