D-Day Then and Now Vol. 2

D-Day Then and Now Vol. 2

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D-Day Then and Now Vol. 2

Author:Winston G. Ramsey
Language:English Text
Dimensions:8.5" x 12"
Pages:416 pages
Photos:Over 1,000 photos
Maps:Some maps
Publisher:After the Battle
Item No. ATB BK-026

'People of Western Europe. A landing was made this morning on the coast of France…'

With these simple — yet memorable — words, General Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, announced to the world on June 6, 1944 that the Allies had begun Operation 'Overlord' to liberate Europe.Now, 50 years later, After the Battle presents the full story: from its inception, planning and preparation through to its launch on D-Day and the days that followed, as told by the commanders whose responsibility it was.Many of the hundreds of 'then and now' photographs have been taken exactly 50 years later — sometimes to the precise minute — from when the original events took place, creating a unique two-volume record of the greatest combined military, naval and air operation of all time.

Contents Volume 2:

  • 'DIE INVASION HAT BEGONNEN!' — Oberst Bodo Zimmermann 
  • OMAHA AND UTAH AREAS — Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley 
  • THE MEDALS OF HONOR • GOLD AREA — Brigadier Harold Pyman 
  • JUNO AREA — Lieutenant-Colonel Charles P. Stacey 
  • SWORD AREA — Brigadier David Belchem 
  • MULBERRY — Captain Harold HicklingAIRFIELDS — Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-MalloryAN APPRECIATION — Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt 
  • POSTSCRIPT — The Editor50th ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIONS — Brigadier Tom Longland 
  • NORMANDY TODAY — Major Tonie Holt