The German Infantryman on the Eastern Front

The German Infantryman on the Eastern Front

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The German Infantryman on the Eastern Front

Author(s) :Simon Forty, Richard Charlton Taylor
Dimensions:7" x 10"
Photos:150 black and white photos and illustrations
ISBN: 9781636243610
Item No. 9781636243610

A fully illustrated survey of the German infantryman on the Eastern Front in World War II.

The German Army was all-conquering until late 1941 when, only a few miles short of Moscow, it ran out of steam. Maniacal defense, the Russian winter and exhaustion all played their part and, although they didn’t realize it, the German forces wouldn’t advance further on this front. While they continued their offensives into 1942, Soviet defenses had stiffened. Its equipment – notably the T-34 – had improved and the Germans had lost too many of their best men: the savvy NCOs and experienced junior officers that gave the Wehrmacht its edge over the opposition. They had lost their moral compass as well. Complicity in the massacres of the SS-Einsatzgruppen, the barbarity of the anti-Partisan operations and summary execution for those who flagged, were the hallmarks of the German Army’s fight for survival against people it considered less than human.

Outnumbered, under attack on many other fronts, their homeland bombarded unceasingly from the air, the German servicemen endured the hell of the Eastern Front until their armies were destroyed in 1945. While the morality of the regime they fought for and its reprehensible actions should never be forgotten, what cannot be denied is the indefatigable courage of the German infantrymen.

Fully illustrated with over 150 contemporary photographs and illustrations – and exploring a broad range of topics from uniform, weapons and provisions to tactics and communications – this title provides valuable insights into the Germans’ main theater of operations in World War II.