1796-1797 Du pont d&

1796-1797 Du pont d'Arcole à la bataille de Rivoli

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1796-1797 Du pont d'Arcole à la bataille de Rivoli

Les derniers jours de la Première campagne d'Italie

Author:Jean-Marie Mongin
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The French Directory, in 1796, decided to hit the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the heart. Two armies in Germany failed when the small army of Italy, under the orders of Bonaparte, in a dazzling and brilliant campaign rolled the Austrians. In less than twelve months, it destroyed four Austrian armies, grabbed a part of Piedmont, founded two republics, conquered northern Italy, and on October 7, 1797, signed the Treaty of Campo Formio with Austria. Napoleon Bonaparte accessed to glory. The Battle of Arcole bore the legend…The Battle of Rivoli emerged the hero of a nation…This book reveals the aspects of the last months of the campaign. The first chapters include narratives of battles and maneuvers, plus tactics that brought wins with the strategic importance of the vision of Bonaparte. The second part addresses the technical components and uniforms of the units on both sides. The third, interested in the “booty” raised by the young generals, deals with the cultural, economic, and political dimensions of the first victorious campaign of Bonaparte. Throughout this narrative, the author emphasizes on the daily lives of the Army of Italy and their essential role in the creation of the myth. With this first book recounted one of the most incredible campaigns of the future Emperor of the French, Editions Heimdal reveals the first picture of the Napoleonic legend.