America's Unending Civil War

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America's Unending Civil War

The Enduring Conflict from Jamestown through to Recent Elections

Author:William Nester
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The Civil War fascinates Americans like no other war in their history. Many Americans are still fighting some of the war�s issues in an Odyssey that stretches back to the first settlement and will persist until the end of time. The war itself was an Iliad of brilliant generals like Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan for the Union, or Lee, Jackson, and Forrest for the Confederacy; epic battles like Gettysburg and Chickamauga; epic sieges like Vicksburg and Petersburg; and epic naval combats such as Monitor versus Merrimack, or Kearsarge versus Alabama.It was America�s most horrific war, with more dead than all others combined. Around 625,000 soldiers and 125,000 civilians died from various causes, bringing the total to 750,000 people. Of 31 million Americans, 2.1 million northerners and 880,000 southerners donned uniforms.Why did eleven states eventually ban together to rebel against the United States? President Jefferson Davis began an answer when he said: �If the Confederacy falls, there should be written on its tombstone, Died of a Theory.� That theory justified the enslavement of blacks by whites as a natural right and duty of a superior race over an inferior race; a theory, it was believed, that morally and economically elevated both races. Although slavery was the Civil War�s core cause, there were related chronic conflicts over the nature of government, citizenship, liberty, property, equality, wealth, race, identity, justice, crime, voting, power, and history � some of which issues have never entirely gone away.America�s Unending Civil War is unique among thousands of books on the subject. None before has explored the Civil War�s related and enduring conflicts of ideas and principles through four centuries of a nation�s history.