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Pride of the German Navy

Dimensions:6.75" x 9.75"
Photos:Color and B&W photographs
Publisher:Fonthill Media
Item No. 9781781556702

Bismarck, the pride of the German navy, displaced more than 50,000 tons fully loaded and when commissioned she was the largest warship to date. The Bismarck took part in only one operation that ended with her sinking after just nine days. Three days earlier, she was engaged in a classic naval battle where she sunk Britain's largest warship, the mighty HMS Hood. Follow the fascinating story in Bismarck: Pride of the German Navy, the biggest ever written on the ship. Through photos, illustrations, maps and words, all aspects are described. The book also contains technical specifications, camouflage schemes, wreck photos as well as lists of officers, the fallen crew members and survivors. This is a definitive work, the result of nearly thirty years of study, with 540 illustrations, of which 150 are in color.

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