Black Cross Red Star Vol. 1

Black Cross Red Star Vol. 1

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Black Cross Red Star Vol. 1

Air War Over the Eastern Front:
Volume 1, Operation Barbarossa 1941

Author:Christer Bergström
Language:English Text
Dimensions:8.6" x 12.1"
Pages:384 pages
Photos :Illustrated throughout, aircraft colour profiles
Maps:Some maps
Publisher:Vaktel Forlag
Item No. 9789188441683

Regarded as the standard work on the air war over the Eastern Front during World War II, Christer Bergström's unique Black Cross/Red Star series covers the history of the air war on the Eastern Front in close detail, with the perspectives of both sides. Based on a close study of German and Russian archive material, as well as interviews with a large number of the airmen who participated in this aerial conflict, it has established itself as the main source on the air war on the Eastern Front.

The very much asked for, most extensively updated and very much expanded completely new edition of Black Cross Red Star Volume 1. When the first edition of Volume 1 was published twenty years ago, it hit the WW II interested community as a bomb. 

Richard Goldblatt at SimHqCom, called it ”without a doubt one of the finest aviation history books I’ve ever read,” and J.J. Fedorowicz called it ”an indispensable reference – highly recommended.” 

At Stone & Stone it was voted as the No. 1 military history book of the year. 
That edition was sold out in about a year, and since no new edition was published, it has become a rarity, with the price never below three-digit figures in Euro or USD. Today, the price at for the first edition of Volume 1 is between £395 and £690. 

This new edition of Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 1 that exceeds the first edition regarding the quality of the material to the point that it actually is a completely new book.