Britain's Guided Weapons

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Britain's Guided Weapons

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Publisher:Key Publishing
Item No. 9781802823233

Britain has been at the forefront of weapons technology since the industrial revolution began and, with the Brennan wire-guided torpedo, pioneered guided weapons. World War One saw several developments, but it was during World War Two that Britain’s scientists laid the foundations for a guided weapons industry that continues to this day. Ultimately, the early guided weapons gave Britain’s armed forces valuable experience in operating the weapons. Sea Vixens, Javelins and Lightnings were armed with Firestreak and Red Top, while Vulcans and Victors carried Blue Steel, the UK’s nuclear deterrent. The Army fielded weapons such as Thunderbird, Rapier, Corporal and Lance. Navy submarines carried Polaris and Trident, while surface ships had Sea Dart, Sea Wolf, Exocet and Harpoon. From this solid foundation, the aerospace companies merged and collaborated, with lessons learned from the earlier weapons paving the way for a new generation of weapons: Skyflash, Meteor, ASRAAM, Brimstone and Storm Shadow arm the Tornado, Typhoon and Lightning; Sea Viper and Sea Ceptor protect the Navy; and Sky Sword defends the Army. With over 140 images, this book relates the history of these weapons and how Britain operates some of the finest guided weapons available today.