After The Battle Issue No. 040

After The Battle Issue No. 040

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After The Battle Issue No. 40


Author:Winston G. Ramsey
Language:English Text
Dimensions:Soft cover, 8.5" x 11"
Pages:56 pages
Photos:b+w wartime photos and present day color comparisons
Maps:Some maps
Publisher:After The Battle, UK
Item No. ATB-040

  • BUDAPEST - Jean Paul Pallud recounts the background to Operation 'Margarethe', and tells the story of the Operation and its Aftermath, including Operation 'Panzerfaust'.
  • War Film - The Battle of the River Plate - The making of the 1956 movie described by Trevor Popple.
  • Preservation - The Graf Spee - What now remains of the German Pocket Battleship?
  • It Happened Here - Night Solo to Eternity - Denis C. Bateman investigates the fatal crash of Blenheim L6724 soon after take-off from Croydon airport.
  • Crime in WWII - The Death of Joachim Peiper - Accident or murder? The mysterious end of the famous SS Commander.