Camouflage and Markings of the 6th South African Armored Div. Part 2

Camouflage and Markings of the 6th South African Armored Div. Part 2

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Camouflage and Markings of the 6th South African Armored Division. Part 2: Wheeled Transport & Artillery

North Africa and Italy 1943-45

Author:William Marshall
Dimensions:8" x 11.5"
Photos:127 b/w photos, 19 full-color plates
Publisher:Model Centrum Progres
Item No. 9788360672181

An authoritative guide to the South African armor camouflage and markings during training and combat operations in World War II. Part 2 includes the numerous US, Canadian and British made vehicles employed by the Division: Chevrolet C15A FFW (Fitted for Wireless), Mack NM6 6-ton gun tractor, CMP Ford F30 30-cwt ambulance, Dodge D15 15-cwt GS, Bedford MWC 200-gallon water tanker, Dodge D15 water tanker, Ford F60L 3-ton GS, Ford WO2A heavy utility staff car, Canadian 1941 Ford 11A Staff car, Ford C11ADF Woody, 1938 Ford 81A Staff Car, Ford 01Y 1-ton Panel truck, Ford F60-2L CMP ambulance, Austin K2/Y ambulance, Dodge T-110L-5 3-ton GS, British Fordson Sussex 6x4 truck, Chevrolet 1500-series 3-ton Canteen vehicle, Dodge D15 15-cwt GS, CMP Chevrolet C15 4x2 GS, Chevrolet C60L, Bedford QLD office truck, British Ford WOT2A 15-cwt GS, Canadian Dodge T212 8-cwt GS, Dodge WC-52, Bedford MWD, AEC Matador Heavy Tractor, Morris C9/B SP Bofors, Guy Quad-Ant gun tractor, Chevrolet FAT-2 gun tractor, Morris Mk. III Field Artillery Tractor, Scammell Pioneer SV/2S breakdown tractor, Scammell TRMU-30 Tank Transporter, Diamond T 980 and 981, Mack LMSW 6x4 breakdown, as well as A/T, A/A, Field and Heavy artillery pieces: 40 mm Bofors A/A, 3.7-in A/A, 5.5-inch Howitzer, 25-pdr Field Gun, 6-pdr A/T. Contains: 72 pages, 127 b/w photos, 8 charts of Organization and Equipment, 2 tables of unique tactical markings, 19 full-color plates of artwork.