FDR and High Treason at Pearl Harbor

FDR and High Treason at Pearl Harbor

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FDR and High Treason at Pearl Harbor

Roosevelt's Scandal

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Charles Sprinkles uses recently declassified documents to argue that President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened.

Pearl Harbor is a fallacy that needs to be corrected. American’s have been taught in schools that this was a surprise/sneak attack by the Imperial Japanese government on the United States Navy and Army at Pearl Harbor; nothing could be further from the truth. FDR help orchestrate and instigate the attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

There was more than enough information that passed before FDR eyes from 1933 to 1941 that showed that Japan was going to attack the United States in Hawaii and just how weak the United States defenses were at Pearl Harbor.

Important information was ignored such as the war games at Pearl Harbor in 1932 and 38, the book “Winged Defense” by General William Mitchell in 1925, exam question for cadets to graduate the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy “How would you conduct a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor,” which FDR knew about, the Panay Incident and the Nan King Massacre, all the intercepted codes that said Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor and yet FDR did nothing to stop Japan.

After the war there was an investigation into the attack on Pearl Harbor, however all the information had been classified and could not be released to investigate in the late 1940’s. This is not the case today.