Joys of War
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Joys of War

From the Foreign Legion and the SAS, and into Hell with PTSD

Author:John-Paul Jordan
Dimensions:6" x 9.25"
Photos:20 color & black and white illustrations
Publisher:Pen and Sword Military
Item No. 9781526763327

Irishman John-Paul Jordan, still only in his thirties, has led an extraordinary life, from the Foreign Legion and private security in Iraq, to serving multiple tours in Afghanistan (for which he was awarded for his leadership and bravery), and on to guiding journalists on the front line and behind enemy lines in Libya, or even hunting for gold in Afghanistan.However, once back in Civvy Street, the camaraderie was gone; he found himself a prisoner of war to PTSD. Dehumanised by those professionals whom he had turned to for help, this Special Forces veteran and former Legionnaire was brought to his knees. His marriage was over; his home was lost. In isolation, his world unraveled and the seeds of destruction had been well and truly sewn. Knowing he would never see military action again, and faced with the realization of the war raging within him in the spiral of PTSD, John-Paul felt condemned as a man. But, on 1 April, he surrendered – life, too, it would seem, has a sense of humor. He asked for help and found the answers within.In war, John-Paul was the first through the door or leading assaults taking out enemy positions; whether he was facing bullets or bombs. His story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit: to get back up and to lead from the front. He didn’t go through ‘all that’ just to go through ‘all that’. This is his story of his return to freedom and joy.Buckle up, because this man doesn’t do anything by halves.