Mons 1914
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Mons 1914

Author:Battlefield History TV Ltd
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Publisher:Pen and Sword Digital
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As Europe slid into war in 1914 the UK Government mobilized the British Expeditionary Force and declared war just before midnight on 4 August. A well oiled deployment to northern France followed, where in accordance with Plan WF (With France), the BEF would fight on the left wing of General Lanrezac’s Fifth French Army. Field Marshal Sir John French and his allied counterpart, however, got on badly from the start and when the British advance reached Mons and tangled with German patrols on 22 August around Mons, the BEF’s intent was to continue the advance into Belgium alongside their ally but Lanrezac only informed the BEF of his withdrawal from Charleroi late in the day. As a result with little time to prepare their defenses, the British were compelled into an unexpected encounter battle with von Kluck’s First German Army outnumbering the BEF three to one. Fortunately he was also working in an information vacuum.In the resulting battle on 23 August in the dreary industrial area around Mons, the professional soldiers of the BEF’s 3rd Division with the salutary experience of the Boer War behind them, proved themselves to be more than the equal of the German Army, man to man they were seriously outnumbered. Training counted and in defending the canal line the days spent on the range practicing the ‘Mad minute’ of rifle fire counted and whilst the German army had closed up to and secured crossing points on the canal by nightfall, they were halted in their tracks.On 24 August the German advance resumed but with the threat of the Germans enveloping them, the BEF was to withdraw. 5th Divisions’ orders to move back, were however, delayed and consequently they fought a withdrawal in contact through the mean industrial streets, railway lines and slag heaps of Wasmes and Hornu. Out on the left flank the British cavalry was in action against a dangerous enveloping move by the Germans.The BHTV team take the viewers to the heart of the action to examine weapons, tactics and raw heroism as they tell the story. Illustrated with maps and location scenes, they make this most complicated of British battles easily understandable.

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