After The Battle Issue No. 074

After The Battle Issue No. 074

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After The Battle Issue No. 74

The Peenemünde Rocket Centre

Author:Winston G. Ramsey
Language:English Text
Dimensions:Soft cover, 8.5" x 11"
Pages:56 pages
Photos:b+w wartime photos and present day color comparisons
Maps:Some maps
Publisher:After The Battle, UK
Item No. ATB-074

  • THE PEENEMÜNDE ROCKET CENTRE - Jan Heitmann's detailed investigation of the formerly top secret V1 - V2 complex on the northern coast of East Germany.
  • Readers' Investigations - The Paratrooper and his Dog - Laurie Goldstraw tells the moving story of the para dogs and in particular the deaths of Private Emile Corteil and his dog Glen.
  • Wreck Recovery - Recovery of a Japanese tank, Guam - D. Colt Denfeld describes the discovery and excavation of a Type 95 tank in June 1991.
  • War Graves - Pilgrimage to Kohima - Lieutenant-Colonel Piers Storie-Pugh leads a Royal British Legion visit to Burma.
  • War Film - Liberation - Yuri Ozerov's 24-hour-long drama documentary on Russia's Great Patriotic War described by Nikolai Bodrikhin and Trevor Popple.
  • It Happened Here - MI5's Secret Interrogation Centre - Latchmere House - 'Camp 020' - at Ham Common, Richmond.