SAS Warlord
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SAS Warlord

Shoot to Kill

Author:Tom Siegriste
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There are no official military records available on the British Army's Military Reaction Force (MRF) and yet it played a dramatic part in the evolution of the Irish Troubles in the 1970s. SAS Warlord - Shoot to Kill, covers SAS soldier Jack Gillespie's time in Belfast with the MRF, which was tasked with seeking out and shooting IRA gunmen. Gillespie, a unit commander, posed as a press photographer deep in "enemy territory". Some days however the camera was left at home and the Thomson machine gun was brought instead. Among Gillespie's targets in 1973 was Gerry Adams.SAS Warlord conveys the frantic tension in Belfast. Readers will scarcely believe the account as it contradicts the propaganda they were fed about the British Army in Northern Ireland for a generation. And for them to hear it from the inside makes it all the more remarkable.Jack Gillespie was the youngest ever recruit to the SAS and was associated with the Regiment for more than 30 years, serving all over the world, from the Jungles of Malaysia, to the deserts of Aden, to the mean streets of Belfast. Due to his fearless reputation he became known as the "hardest man in the regiment".