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Sea Stories from the Naval Services

Author:Dan Gillcrist
Language:English text
Dimensions:6" x 9"
Publisher:Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Spindrift is a collection of true seagoing anecdotes about the experiences of three brothers, each of whom served aboard U.S. Navy ships during his service. One of the authors was a Torpedoman Second Class on U.S.S. Barbero, a guided missile diesel submarine in the early 1950s. The second author served as a seagoing Marine Corporal aboard the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Wasp during the 1960s. The third author, a career Naval Aviator, served aboard a number of aircraft carriers over a 33 year career ultimately retiring as a Rear Admiral. The three authors present to the reader three different perspectives and three different writing styles about three different periods in the history of the U.S. Navy. The perspectives are the submarine service, the seagoing Marine Corps aspects of life aboard an anti-submarine warfare aircraft carrier and the attack carrier Navy. The book is divided into four parts: the first deals with life aboard diesel submarines in the 1950s as well as nuclear-powered submarine operations in the 1970s. The torpedoman, Dan and his aviator brother, Paul provide the anecdotes in this part. Part II deals with surface ships operations over a thirty year period (1952-1982) and is written exclusively by brother, Paul, the aviator. Part III deals with aspects of aircraft carrier operations over the same thirty year period and is written by the Marine, Bob and his aviator brother, Paul. Part IV deals with women in Naval Aviation and the anecdotes contained therein come from the experiences of the aviator. The subject matter of the anecdotes ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous � interspersing humor with adventure, and excitement with introspection. The underlying theme of the stories stresses the notion that the sea services seem to contain more than their share of genuine, all-American characters.