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The G.I. Collector's Guide: U.S. Army Service Forces Catalog, European Theater of Operations

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The G.I. Collector's Guide: U.S. Army Service Forces Catalog, European Theater of Operations

Volume 1

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In World War II, the U.S. Army not only supplied its soldiers with the most modern equipment and uniforms, suitable for any combat situation, but went as far as providing them with their favorite drinks or candy bars, and seemingly anything else they might require.This comprehensive reference book brings together all the equipment issued to American soldiers in the European Theater of Operations, 1943–45. Each item is presented with its catalog numbers, described in detail and fully depicted in photographs, including close-ups of the labels to aid identification of items. Graphics and diagrams offer additional information and context. There are chapters on everything from uniform, insignia, and small arms issued to the individual, through crew-served weapons, rations, tents, to sports and recreation equipment. There is full coverage of the specialist items issued to Airborne, Armored, and Mountain troops, engineers, signallers, Military Police, medics, chaplains and female personnel. From the chewing gum included in K rations through to artillery-laying equipment, mess trays to portable altars and field harmoniums, this photographic reference gives a unique insight into the world of the U.S. Army in World War II.As a complete catalog with high-quality photographs, this book is invaluable to both family historians researching grandpa's kit found in the attic and to collectors in their quest to find authentic items among the reproductions that flood the modern market.