Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks: German Army and Waffen-SS Normandy Campaign 1944

Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks: German Army and Waffen-SS Normandy Campaign 1944

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Tiger I & Tiger II Tanks

German Army and Waffen-SS Normandy Campaign 1944

Author:Dennis Oliver
Dimensions:8.25" x 11.5"
Photos:200 color & black and white illustrations
Publisher:Pen and Sword Military
Item No. 9781526771636

In spite of the relatively small numbers involved, the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks of the German Army and Waffen-SS heavy Panzer formations played a central role in resisting the Allied invasion of France in the summer of 1944. British and American tank crews found to their dismay that the Tigers could survive numerous hits while a single round from one of their 88mm guns was enough to penetrate the strongest armor. In his latest book in the TankCraft series, Dennis Oliver uses archive photographs and painstakingly researched, exquisitely presented color illustrations to examine the part these powerful tanks played in the Normandy battles and also the units that operated them.As with previous titles, a large part of this book showcases available model kits and after-market products and accessories, complemented by a gallery of skillfully constructed and painted models. Descriptions of technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also provided giving the modeler all the information and knowledge required to recreate authentic miniature representations of the Panthers that fought in the fields and hedgerows of Normandy during the summer of 1944.