Zur Küste Jusqu&

Zur Küste Jusqu'a la Mer 16-21 Mai 1940

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Zur Küste Jusqu'a la Mer 16-21 Mai 1940

Volume 2: Le Corridor des Panzers

Author:Jean-Yves Mary
Dimensions:8.5" x 12"
Photos:maps and b/w photos throughout
Item No. 9782840482789

French TextIn this second volume dedicated to the drama of May 1940, Jean-Yves Mary presents the crucial moments of the Allied struggle against the Germans. By the morning of May 16, 1940, the fate of the battle was already sealed. The French command will attempt, though in vain, to restore the front by thrusting before the Germans units gathered together from either Holland or Belgium—thus experienced soldiers—or from the Maginot Line. During their relocation they are submitted to relentless aerial bombardments which, under the best circumstances, slow them down and more often than not dismember them.Even worse, when these exhausted units arrive on the battlefield, as they are immediately forced into action, they do not have the time to organize themselves. Thus, rather than well formed units, they are no more than isolated battalions who are quickly engulfed, unable to provide any benefit to the overall campaign, thrust into the inferno.Between May 16 and 21, the Germans advance all the way to the Atlantic and encircle the Allied armies who had imprudently advanced into Belgium. Any endeavors that were attempted in order to release the German grasp on both sides of the “Corridor” all fail due to the lack of resources and ultimately are incapable of influencing the outcome of events in play.This new volume, which includes over a thousand photos, follows with amazing precision every step of the campaign and the combats. Jean-Yves Mary has also provided modern photos of the battlefields, in comparison with the original images, allowing us to locate the areas where the events took place.